NEPA Annual Meetings

Every year, the Annual Meeting kicks off on a Saturday with presentations packed full of informative talks and engaging activities. From expert speakers to research posters – there’s something for everyone looking to increase their knowledge in this field!
Are you passionate about psychology? If so, the NEPA awards program is your chance to showcase your dedication and commitment! Recognizing students who show excellent promise in their undergraduate studies of psychology, this award encourages aspiring minds to follow a rewarding career in the field.


Q: Can I bring a supporting guest to NECTOP and/or NEPA?

A: We welcome presenters and attendees to bring a guest to come to NEPA to support each other for presentations and to learn about psychological science. To help offset administrative and conference expenses associated with extra guests, guests will be asked to make a $5-10 donation to NEPA.

Q: I can no longer come to NECTOP and/or NEPA, can I get a refund?

A: The fee you pay for NEPA includes your membership as well as your conference registration. Therefore, the registration fee is non-refundable at this time. If there is some extenuating circumstance, you can reach out to the Association Coordinator ( or the Treasurer (

Annual Award Presentations

Honorary Undergraduate Scholars

The New England Psychological Association’s (NEPA) Distinguished Contribution Award (DCA) is presented to a psychologist with current or prior association with New England who has distinguished herself or himself in one or more of the following ways:

  • Has advanced the science of psychology
  • Has used psychology to advance individual and/or community well-being through service
  • Has conducted programmatic research or service which is currently making major strides in furthering new knowledge in psychology
  • Has engaged in teaching and mentoring in a manner reflecting commitment and innovation well beyond the norm.

Distinguished Contribution Award

Honorary Undergraduate Scholar (HUS) awards will be presented at NEPA’s Annual Meeting. The HUS award recognizes individuals with outstanding undergraduate records in psychology and encourages promising students to pursue careers in the discipline.
DONNA CANAVAN Honorary Undergraduate Scholars Past Recipients

Paul McKee
(Southern Connecticut State University)
Siearah Robles
(Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Victoria Scarfo
(Stonehill College)
Lauren Simpson
(Amherst College)

Constantina Gatsonis
(Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Alisionna Iannacchione
(Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Nicole Jutras
(Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Kara Manuelli
(University of Rhode Island)


Emily Bendremer (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) 
Nominated by Jeanine Skorinko, Ph.D. (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) 

Karen Ho (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) 
Nominated by Jeanine Skorinko, Ph.D. (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) 

Sophia Kozlowsky (Suffolk University) 
Nominated by Sukanya Ray, Ph.D. (Suffolk University) 

Julia Maybury (Boston College) 
Nominated by Jaclyn Ford, Ph.D. (Boston College) 

Paul Pacheco (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) 
Nominated by Stacy Shaw Ph.D. (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) 

Chandani Rana (Springfield College) 
Nominated by Juan Zhong, Ph.D. (Springfield College) 


Elizabeth Joyce Baily (Connecticut College)
Melanie Burns (Emmanuel College)
Lily Preer (Connecticut College)
Zach Reynolds (Gordon College)
Kathryne Van Tyne (Smith College)

Elizabeth Cox (University of Rhode Island)
Mary Catherine Gover (Connecticut College)
Melissa Ann McWilliams (Connecticut College)
Adam Hoffman (Quinnipiac University)
Landon Ranck (Gordon College)
Niles Muzyk (Fairfield University)

Caroline Abbott (Connecticut College)
Michelle Lee (Wellesley College)
Meghan McLean (Connecticut College; Graduate School at Rutgers University)
Satia Miller (Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Graduate School at Tufts University)
Jocelyn Rose Rioux (Gordon College)
Charles Samuel Henry Robinson (Boston College; Graduate School at University of Pennsylvania)
Dongguan Sim(Gordon College; Graduate School at Harvard University)

Spencer Deschenes (Emmanuel College) 
Alexander Garinther (Boston College)
Sarah Lamer (Connecticut College)
Greg Moore (Worcester Polytechnical Institute)
Christina Muise (Southern New Hampshire University)
Meghan Rossini (Connecticut College)
Georgia Winters (Stonehill College)

Jennifer M. Bowers (Rivier University) 
Shirley Gedney-Rubel (Housatonic Community College)
Michelle Grant (the University Of Maine At Machias)
Trevor Hinshaw (Gordon College)

Alexis Avery Adams-Clark (Connecticut College)
Melody Altschuler (Bates College)
Candace Crocker (Stonehill College)
Daniel Harris (the University of Massachusetts at Boston)
Benjamin Katz (University of New England)
Michael Murgo (Connecticut College)
Alexis Smith (Housatonic Community College)
Jordan Thomas (Connecticut College)

Ryan Brown (Bryant University)
Samantha Bureau (Franklin Pierce University)
Si-Hua Chang (Gordon College)
Peter Krahe (Stonehill College)

Carissa DiPietro (Rhode Island College)
Sherief Eldeeb (Clark University)
Julie Gagliardi (Southern Connecticut State University)
Nina Luiggi (Bryant University)
Danai Percheson-Carrier (Housatonic Community College)
Hannah Reimel (Gordon College)
Ryan F. Tudino (Quinnipiac University)

Samantha Kent (University of New Haven
Roxanne Newman (Rhode Island College)
Joseph Ryan (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
Victoria Stephenson (Stonehill College)
Audrianna Vito (Rhode Island College

Anastasia Karapanagou (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Peiru Chen (Gordon College)
Sara Lepine (Gordon College)




Jonathan Adler (Bates College)
Caitlin Condon (Providence College)
Matthew Dykas (Fairfield University)
Hannah Gardner (Dartmouth)
Anne Geyer (Gordon College)
Jennifer Jackson (Pine Manor College)
Nicole Morin (Fairfield University)
Jeremy Nicholson (Fairfield University)
Sabrina Putnam (CT College)
Maxim Voronov (CT College)

Theresa Flannery-Blachara (University  of Maine at Presque Isle)
Christy Marie Bradley (CT College)
Melynda D. Casement (Mount Holyoke College)
Kathleen S. Cobb (Gordon)
Amy L. Dancause (U. of Rhode Island)
Joanna M. Dittmer (Mt. Holyoke College)
Amy. E. Kasiski (CT College)
Gregory Kolibas (St. Peter’s College)

Autumn Alpert (U. of Rhode Island)
Pavel Blagov (CT College)
Toshie Imada (Wellsley College)
Tiina Ristikari (Rhode Island College)
Diane Whipple (Rhode Island College)

Raya Gorcheva (CT College)
Elizabeth Hillman (Gordon College)
Kristen Milligan (Stonehill College)
Mary Rooney (Bates College)
Monica Tejada (Providence College)

Melissa Brown (Stonehill College)
Jessica L. Cohen (Pine Manor College)
Heather De Bari (CT College)
Matthew Gunnip (University of Rhode Island at Kingston)
Laila Hochhausen (CT College)
Rebekah Jackson (Southern CT State University)
Erin McNally (Gordon College)
Amie Senland (St. Joseph College)
Elizabeth Wendt (Stonehill College)

Lauren Buckel (Gordon College)
Stephanie Cardoos (CT College)
Patrick Doyle (Rhode Island College)
Sherry Wang (Smith College)

Kara Emery (CT College)
Elena Georgescu (Southern CT State University)
Lara Kaplan (Southern CT State University)
Ashley Leighton (CT College)
Siobhan O’Riordan (Smith College)
Kathleen Reid (Emmanuel College)
Tiffany Williams (Cleveland State University)
Joyce Wu (Gordon College)
Deborah Teo (Gordon College)

Elyse Noelle Goveia (Connecticut College)
Erika L. Harrington (Eastern Connecticut State University)
Emily Ledonne (Stonehill College)
Jeanine V. Olthuis (Williams College)
Deborah Teo (Gordon College)

Leah Dickens (Connecticut College)
Kristen Girard (Fairfield University)
Stephen Kichuk Jr. (Central Connecticut State University)
Nick Urban (Rhode Island College)
Nancy Wallace (Connecticut College)
Ashley Williams (Fairfield University)


Susan V. Chace (Clark University)
Elaine C. Lee (Connecticut College)
Susan S. Lee (Connecticut College)
Sara C. Moorin (Trinity College)
Rachel Sachs (Connecticut College)
Kyle Snow (Castleton State Coll.)
Gall Vanca (Gordon College)

Gina Lynn Abbott (CT College)
Jillian F. Avery (CT College)
Lisa R. Denny (Trinity College)
Patricia R. Roble (Fitchburg State College)
Kimerly Dee Ryan (University of Vermont)
Karen S. Schlumpf (Eastern Nazarene College)
Laura Servis (Mount Holyoke)
Lynda Szymanski (CT College)
Joan Frances Thompson (Fitchburg State College)
Karen M. Ward (Trinity College)

Stephanie A. Alain (Keene State College)
Elizabeth M. Bennett (Wesleyan)
Nicole Marie Champagne (Connecticut College)
Stephen Frick (Harvard University)
Michelle A. Lang (University Of Rhode Island)
Virginia Lee Lewis (Eastern Nazarene College)
Deborah McMaken (Framingham State College)
Shawn Roberts (Bowdoin College)
Cameron Horner Smyser (CT College)
Russell Marc Yankwitt (CT College)

Susan Ann Belanger (Fairfield University)
Andrea R. Berger (Wellesley)
Mark E. Cachia (Boston College)
Kelly Evans (CT College)
Rene Anne Fantasia (University Massachusetts – Amherst)
Madeleine A. Fugere (Fairfield University)
Amy A. Gorin (Holy Cross)
Elena Krasnoperova (Wellesley)
Penny A. Leisring (CT College)
Stacy E. Wagner (University Massachusetts at Amherst)

Jennifer Louise Caputo (CT College)
Mary Jo Fortes (Regis College)
Marybeth A. Hoffman (Quinnipiac College)
Anne K. O’Donnell (Fairfield University)
Sheila Ann Panori (University of Maine at Farmington)
Pratibha Singh (Bates College)
Tina Marie Stevenson (Regis College)
James A. Swanson, II (Eastern Nazarene College)
Kimberlee J. Trudeau (CT College)
Lynn A. Winquist (Rhode Island College)

Steven Beller (Eastern Nazarene College)
Alicia Boisner (Hampshire College)
Donna Carvelli (Saint Anselm College)
Michelle Chastenay (Stonehill College)
Sally Coombs (Wellesley College)
Joyce Dolbec (University of Rhode Island)
Sandra Nicolls (CT College)
Josephine Pichanik (Yale)
Namratha Ravlkant (Tufts University)
Zewelanji Serpell (Clark University)
Brian Sirois (Holy Cross)
Jennifer Tanner (University of Massachusetts – Amherst)

Penelope A. Asay (CT College)
Nancy Ellen Chevalier (Boston  College)
Bonnie F. Cook (University of Maine – Machias)
Colleen M. Fennell (Stonehill College)
Laura Michelle Half (CT College)
Helen S. Kazemi (Stonehill College)
Kelly J. Motyka (Rhode Island College)
Danielle Tancrede (Saint Anselm College)
Marsha Thurmond Wood (Fitchburg State College)
Bonnie Wong (Wellesley College)

Betty Abreu (Providence College)
Cheryl A. Andrade (University of Rhode Island, CCE)
Christine Bellorde (Wheaton)
Elizabeth M. Cohen (Tufts University)
Daniel D. Graney (Stonehill College)
Bonnie J. Keller (Saint Anselm College)
Emily A. Klezos (Saint Anselin College)
Theresa Low (Wellesley College)
Steven A. Rogers (Eastern Nazarene College)
Carolyn J. Salvo (Saint Anselm College)

Erica M. Blanding-Bennet (Dartmouth College)
Kimberly Christman (Fitchburg State College)
Melissa A. Chamberland (University of Hartford)
Mindy Erchull (CT College)
Jill Fisher (CT College)
Allison M. Gemmel (Boston University)
Cynthia Maya (University of Maine at Fort Kent)
Brett Pelligrino (University of Hartford)
Ronald C. Whiteman (Gordon College)

Ana Davis (Bates College)
Annette M. Donnelly (Saint Anselm College)
Sarah J. Lahti (Gordon College)
Leanne M. Mauriello (Connecticut College)
Krista M. White (Eastern Nazarene College)


Nancy Blum (Brandeis University)
Susan Fink (Clark University)
Paul W. Howes (Amherst)
Bruce D. Linnell (Framimgham State)
Linda L. Mowbray (Framingham State)
Maryann A. Paxson (U. Rhode Is.)
Robert Frederick Price (U. Mass.)
Thomas Pruzinsky (U. Conn.)
Fernando Vidal (Harvard)
Paula Jeanne Vuono (U. Rhode Is.)

Chris J. Boyatzis (Brandeis)
Sandra E. Duclos (U. Rhode Island)
Martin Futtersak (Brandeis)
Dale Howard (U. Rhode Island)
Alison Howe (Trinity College)
Constance Pannone (U. Rhode Is.)
Thomas G. Plante (Brown)
Elizabeth J. Shepard (Framingham State)
Abigail Tuckerman (Mt. Holyoke)
Dianne P. Wessell (Johnson State)

Robyn Furman (U. Rhode Island/CCE)
Mary F. Gray (U. Rhode Island)
Lyn LaGasse (U. Rhode Isand/CCE)
Domenic Marini (Fairfield University)
Sharon Michael (U. Rhode Island/CCE)
Steven Owen Moldin (Boston)
Joanne Reeves (Southern Conn. State University)
Marcia S. Shapiro (Roger Williams)
Gail Tracy (Framingham State)
James F. Yates (Plymouth State)

Michelle Letendre (West New England)
Carol A. McKenna (U. Rhode Island)
David L. Miller (U. Rhode Island)
Gretna R. Niemi (Fitchburg State)
Suzanne M. Phillips (Gordon)
Karen S. Place (Wellesley)
Annette Stevenson (Pine Manor)

 Lois M. Chapin (Fitchburg State)
Barbara A. Nesman (Framingham State)
Monica M. Luciana (Boston Coll.)
Elizabeth L. Paul (Boston University)
William M. Butler (Clark)
Katherine Penberthy (John. State)
Justin M. Nash (U. Rhode Island)
Susan A. Lynds (Suffolk University)
Lynn A. Sleeper (Bates College)

 David A. Allie (Univ. New England)
Karyn Angell (Mt. Holyoke College)
Kenneth Benedict (Dartmouth)
Lori J. Bianchini (U. of Rhode Island)
Roger J.R. Levesque (U. of Maine at Fort K)
Derek J. McEentntee (University of Mass.)
Monica M. McQuaid (Boston College)
Beth E. Morrow (Boston University)
Michael Sayette (Dartmouth)
Jean A Stadalnik (Fairfield Univ,)
Susan Trotter (Brandeis University)
Nancy R. Turner (Bowdoin)

 Christopher Barry (Trinity College)
Jeffrey S. Brain (Gordon College)
Eric M. Dragsbaek (Framingham State Collge)
Lawrence Fitzgerald (Fairfield)
Viola E. Juanarena (Smith College)
Todd Lubart (Brandeis University)
Diane Maluso (U. of Rhode Island)
Janis McChesney (U. of Rhode Island)
Nathan J. Rudin (Boston University)
Lael J. Schooler (Wesleyan)

 Judith Aftosmes (Stonehill College)
Elizabeth Goodrich (Central CT State)
Sharon Green (Clark University)
Colin Hickey (Fairfield University)
Robert W. Irvin (Holy Cross)
Sandra C. Lewis (Trinity College)
Lawrence H. Moore (Gordon College)
Eve M. Perugini (Trinity College)
Jeneal Robinson-Scott (Fitchburg State College)
Mark Schernwetter (Clark University)

 Susan E. Beren (CT College)
Allan H. Church (CT College)
Faith Corwin (Mount Holyoke)
Laura M. Donorfio (Central CT State)
Caroline Hockman (Castleton State College)
Melissa J. Jenkins (University of New Hampshire)
Sharon D. Kraft (Trinity College)
Elizabeth Spano (University of Rhode Island)
Audrey L. Staub (Boston University)
Lisa Sylvia (Connecticut College)

 Carey Bates Bishop (Fitchburg State College)
Brian F. Burke (CT College)
Vincent Cerce, Jr. (Stonehill College)
Jesse Dallery (University of New Hampshire)
Nancy J. Jerauld (Framingham State)
Annaliese B. Law (Wellesley Coll.)
Joan Emery Pado (CT College)
Sasha Lancaster Shepherd (University of Vermont)
Katherine Wilson-Miller (Trinity)
Sarah E. Young (CT College)


Adriane Gaffuri (CT. College)
Laurel Jean Hudson (U. New Hampshire)
Daniel P. Keating (Holy Cross)
Francis J. Keefe, Jr. (Bowdoin)
Rosemary Mans (Wellesley)
Lora Pepi (Tufts University)
W. Scott Terry (Fairfield)

Mary Clancy (Regis)
Thomas J. Condon (Fairfield)
Maryanne DiMatteo (Tufts)
Margaret Enrich (U. Bridgeport)
Robert Felner (University of Conn.)
Steven Figuerido (Bridgewater St.)
Michael Fossel (Wesleyan)
Steven M. Gluckstern (Amherst)
Kathy Kirmil (U. New Hampshire)
Jane McArthur (Southern Conn.)
Joseph Murphy (Western New Eng)
Anita Nager (Simmons)
Mary Jo Peebles (Wellesley)
Stephen J. Quinn (Holy Cross)
Aristide Tessitore (Assumption)

Jane Arabian (CT College)
Clement Brown (Roger Williams)
Thomas Castonguay (Framingham State)
Anthony P. Daston (Fairfield)
Winifred Dillon (Regis)
Timothy Gartland (Holy Cross)
Lawrence Gendron (Mt. Wachusett)
Patricia Guerin (Simmons)
Joseph F. Hickey (St. Francis)
Nancy Hubert (Regis)
Thomas Kaluzynski (Fairfield)
John Martin (Harvard University)
Teri Martin (Harvard University)
Lawrence H. O’Brien (Holy Cross)
Kathryn J. Porterfield (Wellesley)
Patricia Raymond (Salve Regina)
Elizabeth Sparks (Wellesley)
Marcia Testa
Elizabeth Wilson (Lowell State)
John Zook (Wesleyan)

Michele Bocchini (Fairfield)
Marie Doyle (Central Conn.)
Linda Kennedy (Simmons)
Maureen Oberhammer (West. CT)
Noel Rainville (U. Mass/Boston)
Nicola Seibert (Wellesley)
Esther Shapiro (Clark)
Peter Urcuioli (U. New Hampshire)
Jane Veith (Trinity)
Reginald Wells (American Intl.)

Mildred E. Brunow (Fairfield)
Helen C. Busby (Fitchburg State)
Patricia Dandonoli (Clark)
Susan Dumais (Bates College)
Paul R. Good (Brown University)
Nancy L. Haber (Tufts)
Susan Harrison (Boston State)
Margi Lenga (Wheaton)
Bonnie Lynne Ziegler (Brown)
Michael L. Zimmer (U. Mass.)

James J. Crepeau (U. Mass.)
Peter D’Angelo (Southern Conn.)
Lucy Kaufman (Framingham State)
Susan Magnuson (Gordon College)
James S. Marsh (Trinity)
Valerie Reyna (Clark University)
Fred Ross, Jr. (U.S. Coast Guard)
Lynne M. Steinberg (Clark)
Theresa Tynan (Fairfield)

Marie Banich (Tufts)
Steven Cutcomb (Bates)
Jacqueline French (Brown)
Susan Gelmini (Regis)
Julio Ramirez (Fairfield)
Lawrence Rosenbert (Brandeis)
Nancy Sanborn (U. New Hampshire)
Daniel Schouela (Clark)
Charles Stebbins (Fairfield)
Craig Veloze (Holy Cross)

Jerry S. Adams (U. Mass/Boston)
Avis K. Bennett (Framingham State)
Lorraine Cavallaro (Fairfield)
Maureen Callanan (Mt. Holyoke)
Lisa E. Calesnick (Trinity)
Laure Friedman (U. Mass/Boston)
Melanie Killen (Clark University)
Donna LeFemina (Regis)
Dena M. Meadows (Fairfield)
Donna Roy (Holy Cross)

James R. Douglas (Middlebury)
Steven Fitzgerald (Holy Cross)
Marc Garcia (Colby College)
James Kondziela (Fairfield)
Lisa McFadden (Mount Holyoke)
Diane Reddy (U. Hartford)
Jean Sorber (Gordon College)
Lisa Tessler (Bowdoin College)
Barbara Tylenda (Holy Cross)
John C. Whiting (Bates College)

Douglas Deville (Plymouth State)
Gayle DiGregorio (Mount Holyoke)
Wendy Drucker (Wheaton College)
Kenneth J. Edwards (Holy Cross)
Vivian Greenblatt (Regis)
Mary Ann McCabe (Clark)
Gay Packard (Wheaton College)
Fernando Vidal (Harvard)


Larry Paul Gross (Brandeis)

David W. Chambers (Harvard)
Kurt W. Fischer (Yale University)
Patricia H. Jafferian (Tufts)
Ward T. Kelsey (Trinity)

Ann Eppinger (Boston University)
Jeffrey M. Fine (Amherst)
Peter F. Galvani (Suffolk University)
Paul J. Handal (Fairfield University)
Muriel Henring (U. Rhode Island)
Teresa M. Lyons (Tufts University)
Juliet Voget (Smith College)

Joyce Contrucci (Newton Sacred Heart)
Joseph F. Cranpanzano (Fairfield)
Leslie Horst (Radcliffe-Harvard)
Susan C. Kahn (Simmons)
Raymond Locian (Tufts University)
Joan Paksarian (U. Mass.)
Lisa Schwartz (Wellesley)
Mark H. Shapiro (Trinity)
George C. Spell, Jr. (Holy Cross)

Donald M. Berwick (Harvard)
Owen R. Floody (Yale University)
Armond J. Joncas, Jr. (Holy Cross)
John Keselica (Fairfield University)
Marsel Mesulum (Harvard)
James A. Nathanson (Trinity)
Mary Ann Riggie (Middlebury)
Janis Stokolosa (Emmanuel)
Shelley Taylor (CT. Coll. Women)
Carla Weinberg (University  of Mass.)

James H. Howard (Providence)
Barbara E. Judd (Emmanuel)
Francis J. McSweeney (Smith)
John P. Mordes, Jr. (Harvard)
Susanne Ouelette (Newton Sacred Heart)
Geoffrey A. Patrissi (Fairfield)
Harrison G. Pope, Jr. (Harvard)
Robert Ruffner (Springfield)
Kaethe Weingarten (Smith College)
John Wohlers (Fairfield University)
Jane Parnes (Brandeis University)

Joseph F. Cannon (Windham)
Leonard Hass (Boston University)
Robert Johnson (Fairfield)
Marilyn Merrifield (U. New Hamp.)
Frederick Mis (Fairfield)
Brian J. Murphy (Providence)
Carol Thiessen (Tufts University)
John F. Wilson (Holy Cross)

Distinguished Contribution Award

The New England Psychological Association’s (NEPA) Distinguished Contribution Award (DCA) is presented to a psychologist with current or prior association with New England who has distinguished herself or himself in one or more of the following ways:

• Has advanced the science of psychology
• Has used psychology to advance individual and/or community well-being through service
• Has conducted programmatic research or service which is currently making major strides in furthering new knowledge in psychology
• Has engaged in teaching and mentoring in a manner reflecting commitment and innovation well beyond the norm.

Distinguished Contribution Award Winners since 1996

2019 Dr. Julie Norum
2018 Dr. Marcel Just
2017 Dr.  Steven Pinker
2016 Dr. David Kenny
2015 Dr. Bernard C. Beins
2014 Dr. Joan Bombace
2013 Dr. Kelly Brownell
2012 Dr. Ethel Tobach
2011 Dr. Erik Kandel
2010 Dr. Russell Church
2009 Dr. Jeremy Wolfe
2008 Dr. Ruth Striegel-Moore
2007 Dr. Norman H. Berkowitz
2006 Dr. Bernice Lott
2005 Dr. Ronald Levant
2004 Dr. Eugene Taylor
2003 Dr. Richard Lerner
2002 Dr. Bonnie Strickland
2001 Dr. Lewis Lipsitt
2000 Dr. Linda Bartoshuk
1999 Dr. Mortimer Appley
1998 Dr. Peter Merenda
1997 Dr. George Albee
1996 Dr. Edith Kaplan


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