Call For Submissions

Priority Submission Deadline
September 19, 2022

Submission of a proposal implies a commitment to attend the meeting and deliver the presentation if it is accepted. All attendees, presenters, and guests are required to register for the NECTOP meeting.

Proposals will be accepted or rejected on the basis of peer review.

Priority will be given to Posters, Participant Idea Exchanges and Demonstrations of Classroom Activities including those connected to mental health issues related to teacher/student interactions submitted by September 19, 2022. 

Posters provide a medium for the visual presentation of information and discussion with attendees.

Participant Idea Exchanges are 30-minute roundtable discussions related to the teaching of psychology, including but not limited to research on the effectiveness of a teaching method or strategy, demonstration of a teaching technique, cooperative and/or interdisciplinary projects.

Demonstrations of Classroom Activities (10 to 15 minutes maximum) are used to engage students and to teach effectively a psychological principle, perspective, phenomenon, or theory. These activities should actually be performed in the presentation at NECTOP and actively engage audience members. Authors should follow the directions below for submitting to NECTOP and should include in the statement an indication of the principle being demonstrated, a description of the activity, and an explanation of how the audience will be engaged.

The priority deadline for submissions is September 19, 2022.

Decisions about including sessions in the program will be made after the submission deadline and will consider both the quality of the proposal and achievement of balance in the NECTOP program.

In order to be reviewed all proposals must be clearly related to the teaching of psychology, submitted at, and include:

• A title and list of authors and affiliations.

• A short abstract of 50 to 100 words summarizing the technique or project being presented.

• A statement of 400 to 600 words that clearly summarizes:

– The teaching technique or project. If and where appropriate, the procedures used to evaluate the technique or idea.

– Implications of the results for the teaching of psychology.

• All proposals must be submitted using the NEPA Submission Portal at the button below.

• Email with any questions


Association Coordinator’s
Mailing address:

Michael Amico, Ph.D.
Housatonic Community College
900 Lafayette Blvd
256 Beacon Hall
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Phone: 203-362-5163





The New England Psychological Association presents invited addresses, symposia, workshops, papers and posters at annual autumn meetings held in the six New England states, usually on a college campus.