Emerging Trends and New Frontiers In the Study of Stigma

Sarah Nosek (St. Michael’s College), Nicole Rosa (Worcester State University), Angela Incollingo Rodriguez (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), and Jeanine Skorinko (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

This symposium presents recent work looking at different types of stigmas, intersectional identities, and explores what the emerging trends are in stigma research as well as where the work can go in the future.

One talk will focus on the impact that stigmatization related to the Covid-19 pandemic may have on college students’ mental, physical and social health.

One talk will present work exploring different factors and the role they play in attitudes toward people with disabilities and consider how we can decrease stigma and discrimination of people with disabilities.

One talk will discuss emerging evidence and implications for maternal-child health related to pregnancy-related weight stigma and provide guidance for future work.

The last talk will discuss ways to identify systemic and institutional barriers for women faculty in academic in order to develop and sustain efforts to reduce barriers and stigmatization.


Part 1 – Nicole Rosa (Worcester State University)
Part 2 – Sarah Nosek (St. Michael’s College)
Part 3 – Angela Incollingo Rodriguez (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Part 4 – Jeanine Skorinko (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
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